How do we sell firearms?

Make an Appointment: Some Estates will have firearms available for sale. We will list the guns on our consignment page with a schedule of when we will make appointments available to view and purchase the firearms at our location in Wildomar (Temeucla Valley). You will need to email us at to request a time during our appointment window.We will email you back with confirmation and the address.

  1. If you do not get an email back you do not have an appointment.
  2. You will not be permitted to view and purchase before your designated appointment.
  3. At the end of your designated time slot, the next person will be permitted in to make purchases.
  4. If you miss your appointment slot, you will not be permitted to take anyone else’s time slot.

The Transfer Process: You will pay us for the guns you wish to purchase and they will be pulled from the Estate inventory. With in two business days your purchased firearms will be taken by Estate of Mind to Faith Armory at 41669 Winchester Rd #101, Temecula, CA 92590 [(951) 699-7500] to do our side of the transfer/registration process. You will need to go to Faith Armory to pay all applicable fees and complete your registration following all the state regulatory laws of California for the purchase of firearms.

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