Missing our Good Friend Jack Knight – (8/1/2014)

All of us at Estate Of Mind, Inc. are mourning the loss of our friend and colleague, Jack Knight.  I first met Jack about eight years ago at one of my sales.  He offered his help and soon became a friend.   He was happiest when sharing his extensive knowledge of everything from antique tools to Inuit artifacts.  Jack was an eclectic collector of the unusual and the quirky, as well as museum quality treasures.  He had a passion for the art of craftsmanship – from the elaborate carving on scrimshaw to the subtle curve of a cabochon.

Jack brought us all together with his calm advise, his storytelling and his big heart.   We will remember him every time we open a box of crazy collectables, every time we have a popsicle while working in a hot garage and every time we have a burger at Five Guys.

We love you and miss you Jack.